Go Starter Kit

This project is opinionated Go starter kit / golang boilerplate that uses the golang standards project layout, using best and proven libraries and implements best practices for great foundation of Golang API project.

Github Repo: https://github.com/qreasio/go-starter-kit


When I want to start to build Go API project, i don't have a good solid base to start and usually I add the library and add another required thing one by one along the time, and then change again if I find another better library or another better way to do thing. So I tried to research architecture, library and software component/layer that I think better suits to be included for solid golang project.


This project follows SOLID & Clean architecture



Go Libraries


Golang Project Layout https://github.com/golang-standards/project-layout

ArdanLabs Service https://github.com/ardanlabs/service

GORSK - GO(lang) Restful Starter Kit https://github.com/ribice/gorsk/

Go REST API starter kit https://github.com/qiangxue/go-rest-api


Isak Rickyanto

Twitter: @isakric

Personal site: https://rickyanto.com

My Employer site: https://www.favoritemedium.com/